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Welcome !
This is Vortex, a sound experience made on a workshop at Gobelins School. You have two choices here, listen to music or compose* it (or both but I’m not sure that you’ll get a good result 👀).

🎵 Listen : Click on the music button to upload your audio file. You can start it, pause it, resume it or even stop it (a normal music player in fact).

🎹 Compose : Use your keyboard (A to Z) to compose music with pre-recorded samples (made by the beautiful Zo Cailleton). You have access to 10 percussions, 10 melodies and 6 basses.
You’re free to use the same type of sample several times. Use your creativity to create nice musics and don't hesitate to share what you did ! (tag me on Twitter, I'd love to listen ✨)

So what are you waiting for ? Enjoy your experience :)

* Only available on desktop